The future is unwritten, but the past is immutable. Welcome to the future-proof blockchain enabling long-term solutions to real-world challenges. Casper is a powerful, public smart contract platform empowering creators, communities, and businesses to connect with integrity and trust.

Services provided to Casper:
    • 24/7 community management on Telegram consisting of:
      • Answering community member’s questions
      • Provide light tech support
      • Update community on news and events
      • Remove scam/spam messages
      • Daily proactive measures
      • Create Polls and gather community feedback
  • Post daily prompts, ask questions for members to answer, and encourage members to post their own questions or announcements.
  • Community members won’t talk amongst one another naturally—at least not right away. It’s our job, as the community managers, to initiate discussions and get members talking. To stay consistent, add discussion points to the weekly or monthly content calendar, determining ahead of time what each week’s discussion topic will be. This allows us to prepare extra resources ahead of time, like a poll or “activity” for the group to do. We also use our prep time to ask other members of the team to join or host a discussion.
  • The goal is to keep everyone “warm.” To do that, we need to give community members exclusive opportunities.
  • We maintain the voice of the brand in all posts and interactions.
  • Ensure all content being shared has a purpose and meets the expectations and needs of Casper and the audience.
  • Ensures community rules and guidelines are being followed by all community members.
  • Check comments daily and weed out spam-like comments while also removing/blocking bot and fake accounts.
  • Keep up with industry trends and updates made by Casper and its subsidiaries.
    Creating and deploying regular polls, We like each community manager to come up with one poll for Casper each week.  
  • Put polls in a high traffic area. This might be the community telegram or discussion thread page. They should always be right where the conversations and engagement is happening.
  • Let members know a poll has just been published by creating a discussion post about it. Make it compelling to inspire participation and make members curious as to what the poll results will be.
  • Consider providing instant visibility to the current poll results after a member participates.
  • Proactively engaging to comments and keeping conversations alive with current and prospective customers, as well as influencers and other brand advocates.
  • Two key things come into play when it comes to audience engagement: being proactive and being timely.

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