Introducing APOC NFT, an apocalypse-themed NFT project set in the 1980s, built on the Casper Network. At launch, you will have the opportunity to mint your character, and embark on a journey, minting is your ticket to the APOC world. We envision an apocalypse metaverse filled with 1980’s nostalgia and nods to your favourite 80’s movies.

Services provided to APOC NFT:
    • 24/7 community management on Discord consisting of:
      • Answering community member’s questions
      • Provide light tech support
      • Update community on news and events
      • Remove scam/spam messages
    • Discord server setup consisting of:
      • Creating useful channels for the community
      • Organising permission management for roles and channels
      • Setting up an economy system that rewards engaging community members, with custom levels based on the subject of the project
      • Setting up invite management to offer community members a way to be rewarded for brining more people into the server
      • Setting up a retweet/like system that ties into the level-based system, which rewards people who retweet and like your tweets

2019 – Present



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